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Affordable Care Act
(ACA) Compliance

Cutting thru the noise

How we simplify compliance

We are certain that by now you have received enough 'advice' to confuse even a seasoned benefits professional.

Our approach is to simplify the ACA task, take a look at this video and you will get the picture on what to do to avoid fines and penalties.


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Partnerships for Success

BCA is pleased to deliver our solutions in cooperation with those organizations that consult and advise their clients on ACA Compliance matters...More about Partnerships

The ACA is complex and touches all areas from plan design, finance, legal, communications and administration and only through a partnership with those experts retained by the organization can ACA compliance succeed. While we are focused on tactical administrative support, we welcome collaborations in order to serve our clients in an efficient affordable manner.

Understanding the ACA

The average person reads 200 words per minute

Reporting Requirements are LONG

If you don't have two years to read all the ACA regulations, take 10 minutes and look this brochure over!  Read more...

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Posted on 8/29/2013 by Ken Phillips
Posted on 8/29/2013 by Ken Phillips
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